Video Production with Jace Solutions

Step into our video studio and reach your customers and consultants with your own face and voice. Emails and newsletters are an excellent way to stay in touch but they are faceless forms of communication. Let us create a video to add a personal touch to your communications.

We can also create product videos that highlight the items that you are selling. If you have customers who are interested but cannot attend an event or party, videos of your product will help to close that sale without having you present.

Do you have a presentation or special guest speaker at a limited time event? We can record the event or speech and broadcast it online. Consultants and customers across the country can attend the event at their leisure with our recording and broadcasting technology.

Why Choose Us?

    • Over a decade of experience in helping small businesses be successful
    • Solutions by consultants, we know the inside of your business
    • Fueled by proprietary software designed around the needs of a sales leader
    • Personalized attention that can only be delivered by a small business
    • We care about your success just as much as you do

What Our Clients Say

You must hear this from us Directors often… I love you! You are incredible and I appreciate all you’ve done!

Heath Bontrager, Independent Senior Director

I just have to ask…. Where have you been all my life, Jace Solutions?!

Kristie Boyd, Thirty-One Independent Director